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Leadership Master Program



Leadership Master Program is the leadership program for leaders who really want to transform their leadership.
You want to develop your self-leadership, leadership in relation to others and also address the big issues.

You are on your way to your best self and want the tools that take your leadership to the highest level. Because that's where you're supposed to be.
Confident, clear and brave to transform yourself and others.

If you recognize yourself, are willing to do the job to be truly transformed, then this is the education for you. I guide you through the 7 steps that make you more confident, clear and courageous in your leadership. As a manager, leader, coach and person.



  • further developed as a manager and leader

  • be able to handle conflicts and difficult people even better

  • lower the demands on yourself

  • avoid bad conscience

  • make the wholeness work

  • make time

  • have fun



  • knowledge and tools for all possible leadership challenges

  • methods, models and theories in leadership

  • coaching individually and in groups

  • a forum where you share your experiences with others

  • support, encouragement and challenges to grow further


In the Leadership Master program, we work individually and together in an exclusive group for nine months.

The training includes seven steps with a new course each week, web-based group meetings online twice a month, and four one-on-one coaching sessions over nine months.

We alternate self-study with coaching individually and in groups. The education is web-based so you can study in front of the computer at your own pace. The whole group meets every other Thursday afternoon in an online meeting room. If you miss a meeting, it is recorded and you listen to it afterwards.

In Leadership Growth Academy, you associate with like-minded people. We share knowledge, insights and experiences, address important issues and during periods you are part of an experience group and in pairs with other participants.

We meet physically for a bootcamp during the training.

You need to be willing to spend at least a couple of hours a week on your own development, preferably more.

The confident, clear and courageous leadership will not come by itself but I will push you, coach, lead and challenge you to grow further. So that you reach your best level!


Annika L Haglund


Marika Lastell

“Before the program, I had a hard time seeing myself as a leader, but by gaining a clearer self-image, I now know that I can handle the leadership role in a good way. I have identified my leadership qualities and also realized that I find it fun to be the driving force, to be involved and influence the development. I can be a leader without being a manager.

After the course, I have become more confident in myself. I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses, which allows me to act more consciously in different situations. "

"I want to give my warmest recommendations for the Leadership Master Program. The education is unique and it is fantastic to be able to develop both through my own studies but also in groups. I have been enormously strengthened both in my inner and outer leadership and thus also as a person. Filippa is a wonderful person and leader of the training. She is very knowledgeable in the field and can in a good way coach the participants through all parts. In addition, she shares her own experiences and pitfalls, which makes her a credible leader."


A. The secure leadership

The first part is about your inner leadership, with a focus on secure leadership. From the content:

1. Your unique self - Your self-image
How you work
- your needs, your fears, emotions and how your brain works.
Stop sabotaging yourself
- find your self-helpers (30 days writing exercise).
Your self-image and your inner dialogue
-Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness and self-confidence
Your personal profile
-Extended DISC profile; leadership and stress profile

2. Create your leadership platform
Your strengths and areas of development
- you use your strengths consciously.
Driving forces and core values
- you know what you want and what is important to you.

Become sustainable in the long run
Your energy, motivation and health
- food, exercise and sleep.
- energy, your joy and your habits.

B. The clear leadership

The second part is about your external leadership; to lead others, with a focus on being clear in your leadership.
From the content:

4. The leader
You Inspire and convince
- You lead so that others want to follow you.
You communicate so that it reaches
- You are seen, you are heard and make a difference.
Your important leadership qualities
-Leadership index

5. Chefen
You steer with and against the wind
- You stand firm even when it is windy.
You handle conflicts and difficult people
- You create security and clarity.
You delegate and streamline
- You free up more time and let others grow.

6. Coaching
You can coach an employee
- You have coaching skills, models and attitudes.
You coach the entire team and lead processes
- You have the team coaching skills.
- You have the keys to team success.

C. The brave leadership

The third part is about your transformation. To integrate security and clarity with courage. You have the courage to think about big and difficult questions. You take a stand, stand up for and fight for what is needed, in your own way.
You step into your new leadership role completely on all levels.
From the content:

7. The transformative leadership
The confident, clear and courageous leadership - your best self.
The purpose of your leadership - why you lead, really.
The vision and mission - the effects of what you create and what your contribution looks like.
The goals - where you are going and a little more.
You step forward - you take a stand.
The unique thing about you - who you are.


Cost for Leadership Master Program

For you who starts september 16, 2021:

SEK 69,000

VAT will be added

Det Inre Ledarskapet




Annual subscription to self-leadership

It all starts with the inner leadership, how we lead ourselves. This program strengthens the leadership of employees and teams in organizations and companies to get the most out of it. To increase competence and commitment and create sustainable people and results.

The program is created based on Partner in Progress self-leadership model and is filled with knowledge, tools
and inspiration to develop your own leadership.

The basis for strong self-leadership is good self-knowledge and the ability to lead, control and even control oneself. The program is suitable for everyone because it is about creating your internal leadership platform, regardless of your role.

The Inner Leadership is an annual subscription with competence replenishment in the form of video sections with reflections and tasks every week. The sections are easy to implement. Everyone has 10 minutes a week, there are no excuses for not listening, thinking and developing.




Lack of commitment costs. A study conducted by Gallup shows that only 16% of employees are committed to their job. 73% are passive employees and 11% directly oppose their employer. Regardless of what it looks like in your workplace, every uncommitted employee costs money and influences others around them. In organizations where the commitment is high, on the other hand, productivity is higher, staff turnover and sick leave are lower, as are the risks of making mistakes. High-performing and prosperous teams consist of committed self-leaders.

"Super efficient"

"Educational and well-crafted material"

"Good content and professional performance"


Competence development

Competence development in the form of knowledge, inspiration and tools in how to lead and control oneself. From controlling your thoughts and feelings, getting more focus, getting things done, training perseverance, to rewarding yourself when you have done something good and how you can coach yourself.

The program is focused on individual development but is used as an advantage to develop the team and the organization together with a common language.



Each week, a section of the email is delivered with an approximately 2-minute video and a practical assignment related to the topic, which takes 5 to 10 minutes to do. Everyone has 10 minutes.

A new section is not delivered until it has been done before. You get reminders by text message and email.

If you want, you can use gamification on the platform, ie create challenges and competitions.


Based on the 10 leadership areas in the Partner in Progress model:

- Self-knowledge
- Self-coaching
- Internal management platform
- Mental training
- Stress management
- Internal sustainability
- Communication
- Focus and implementation
- Creativity and development
- From activity to goal

Cost for The Inner Leadership - 1 year subscription

1-5 participants of 2,000 sec

Excluding VAT, can be purchased directly here on the platform with a card.

More than 5 participants?

Contact for invoice.


Leadership with commitment, clarity and willingness to change are important ingredients for creating results that last over time. All leaders need to be equipped to be able to lead both themselves and others. It is not surprising that well-functioning teams achieve greater goals than each individual, but it is an art to be a successful leader. Something everyone can train for.

The Leadership Growth Academy training program already offers completed leadership development programs such as
Leadership Master Program, a 9-month comprehensive leadership program that equips leaders for all challenges.
The Inner Leadership, a full-year subscription to competence in self-leadership that is aimed at all employees.
Your Inner Leadership, a shorter basic program in self-leadership.
Coaching leadership, 2-3 day program.

I am also happy to tailor programs with you.



Extended Disc is a communication and behavioral tool with uses disc analysis, leadership development, team report, stressors, conflict management & feedback 360º.
The disc profile is used as a complement to coaching and leadership development programs.

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