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Coaching takes you from where you are to where you want to be - makes you reach your set goals and create results that last. An external sounding board makes it easier and faster to develop your leadership.

Strengths are built on and weaknesses are strengthened. As a coach, I am your personal navigator who makes sure that you stay on course towards the goals.

Professional coaching may be necessary when you need to prioritize or simply wake up and challenge yourself to do differently in your leadership. It is an effective way of working to strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem, manage stress and focus on what is important.

The conversations can take place through personal meetings and/or by telephone with the possibility of reconciliations between the conversations.


A single employee who is on sick leave for six months costs around 1 million SEK for the company.
If it's a manager, it's the quadruple.
If you succeed in saving an employee from long-term sick leave, an investment in staff well-being has paid off.


The coaching has contributed to me gaining insight into my strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in both my career and my personal development.

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