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Maximize the result with a process leader focused on the goal and at the same time unafraid to take on what arises here and now. Opportunities that for a moment appear and need to be highlighted. Or something that hinders the development that needs to come to the surface.

I lead teams that want to create sustainable results while feeling good.

- need a forum to work with vision, values, goals and strategies
- want to develop your team and create commitment among your employees
- will focus on business and organizational development
- has a specific issue that you need to come to terms with
- know that there is a conflict that lies like a stumbling block
- feel that you need something but not really what or how

I know how it can be done.
Together, we develop content and structure for a process in the form and scope that works best for you and your needs.

Filippa, Thank you for your fine work, I have great respect for your knowledge!

Good speed and structure. Very good mix of theory and short exercises.

Good with the combination of theory and practice. There were clear exercises and living examples. Thank you Filippa - nothing could be better!

Very good day! Professional and structured.

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