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Sanna Blomberg
Vice CEO LRF Samköp

In recent years, we at LRF Samköp have hired Filippa several times to guide the entire company through our annual business planning. Together, we have, among other things, created the Samköp contract, which describes how we cooperate with each other in the best way. We have also developed clear goals and reasoned whether we will achieve them. It is always rewarding to work with Filippa. Her positive energy is contagious and under structured forms we have always reached the high expectations we set for our collaboration.

Marika Lastell
CEO Clearly AB

Filippa is a very competent coach. She has the ability to see the whole of each person, which means that you can focus on both working life but also the private. Filippa supports and finds ways and makes each individual grow and develop in a positive way. She is humble but at the same time makes demands when you need to step forward in your development. I highly recommend Filippa.

Annsofi Collin
Development Manager, Torsta AB

Our rural developers needed to strengthen their professional role and we hired Filippa. We received a training that really raised the staff's skills in communication and leadership. Filippa is perceived as very competent in her subject areas and as an educator. She is fearless and can motivate the course participants to offer themselves and dare to step outside the comfort zone to work with their own and the group's development in a very open and concrete way. The three course days contained theory interspersed with many practical exercises and homework in between.

With us, the training has resulted in safer staff with greater tolerance for differences, increased confidence in themselves and their own responsibility, as well as a more conscious way of communicating. Highly recommended!

Bengt Persson
Chairman SSE-C

We have engaged Filippa as process manager on several occasions. Filippa has a unique ability to use humor and warmth to get a group to create and push towards the same goal that gives clear and long-lasting effects in the business.

Pia Petersson-Korn former Head of Preschool
Skogsgläntans förskola

The coaching helped us to become aware of our thoughts, values and goals. We started working concretely with them. During the follow-up, we could see clear results and then the work feels more meaningful.

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