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The company was founded in 1991 with a focus on health strategies and over the years has specialized in leadership and development issues. At the beginning of 2018, the company changed its name from CoActive Sthlm AB to Partner in Progress int. AB in connection with the training academy Leadership Growth Academy taking a larger place in the business. Digital and physical education, process management and coaching are the areas of activity.

Filippa works as a development partner for leaders and managers and help them succeed in the long term. Leadership programs and education are about building confident and courageous leadership for future demands and expectations. Conscious leaders who create sustainable results, which is needed to contribute to a better world. Leaders who also feel good and have fun at the same time!

Within process management in strategic processes such as business and organizational development issues, where Filippa work with boards, management groups and other forms of teams, it is about creating good results that last and that competence is left to the customers. Customers should be able to take the questions further themselves on a completely different level.

In coaching leaders, managers and their teams, the focus is on strengthening and challenging to surpass themselves and develop into their best selves. Partner in Progress work with brave people who want to develop.

Filippa chooses a coaching, health-promoting and adult-pedagogical approach. Focus is on health and strength in all forms of development issues, but does not avoid taking on the difficult work that is needed. One of the leadership principles is that what we focus on grows. Filippa works together with a large network of consultants in various competencies, which she is happy to refer to if your needs fall outside her areas of expertise.



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I like meeting people where they are, challenging them further and pushing them where they need to be. My experiences as a manager, project manager, educator, teacher, coach and lecturer are my assets as your development partner.

I'm honest and say what needs to be said. I am brave and do not let my fears or the fears of others stop the processes. I am generous with the resources I have and happy to share my skills. With my work, I want to contribute to a better world by strengthening leaders to become their very best selves; confident, clear and brave.

I started my professional career as a sports teacher in my 20s, educated at GIH, and worked in the school world for a few years. I continued to work with people as a tour guide, health consultant, coach and educator. During the 90's I became interested in coaching in business. I am a certified professional coach, CPCC, from The Coaches Training Institute in London, and a certified PCC coach according to ICF, International Coach Federation. I have also attended a number of coaching courses, including team coaching and lean coaching. I have also studied psychology and other leadership training.

I have worked with the coaching approach for over 20 years in various roles as a manager, project manager, educator, teacher, lecturer, coach and development partner. For a while, I was back in school to train teachers to use coaching approaches in the mentoring role. For periods, I have been employed, including at LRF, Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund, at Penna Human Capital Management and Strandska Utvecklingshuset. I am driven by making leaders grow and reaching out to many with a concept for strong conscious courageous leadership.

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